Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Playin' In The Dirt

The weather has definitely shown it's multiple personality disorder lately, but it hasn't stopped me from working on the garden beds and getting my seeds growing. 
 First set of garden beds de-weeded. I do miss playing in the dirt.
My new best friend....the original Over & Out is great but this new 
version works in 15 minutes! Love it!
Contender Beans, Cowpeas, Homemade & National pickling 
cukes, Dill, Beefsteak tomatoes, Celebrity tomatoes, 
California Wonder Bell peppers
 I love seeing all the green sprigs of life peeking through the soil.

Jalapeno, Black Beauty Squash, Spinach, Kale, 
Collards, Lettuce & Endive

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